Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 on 10:July

For this month I chose to use pictures from June18th. That being Mark and I's 2nd Anniversary. We had a day planned with adventures, and I knew I'd be bringing along my camera. Mark and I decided  to start a tradition of celebrating our anniversary in a different city every year. Last year we spent the day in NYC. We of course will not always be able to go to a big city, but we would like to try to stick with the theme as much as possible. So this year our dream was Chicago, but due to finances and having a baby who doesn't take a bottle, we chose Grand Rapids. We took our precious Eden with us for the day. We had such a fun day as a family! We started our day in Rosa Park Circle, where we enjoyed a mist fountain, and our yummy Subway sandwiches. Next we went to the John Ball Zoo in GR.We practically melted in the heat,but had a great time! Eden loved the petting zoo. Next we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel, and then explored Holland MI. Finally,we headed towards home, stopped for Ice Cream, and enjoyed the Musical Fountains in Grand Haven MI. What a fun filled day it was! Enjoy these pictures from our sweet day! ( I apologize if you've already seen these on my facebook page :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! We too like the idea of being "away" somewhere on our anniversary each year. So far, we've been able to pull it off, but adding kids sure makes it tough. ;) Either way, we were in Chicago for our 1st anniversary and absolutely LOVED it! The museums are amazing. Thanks for blogging your special day.