Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 goals update: April edition.

"Never, never, never, never, give up", the has been the rally cry for our goals so far in April.  March was another mostly stagnent month, but April has proven our ability to get knocked down and to get up again.  Katie and I are learning just how easy it is to slip into self-centered, lazy lifestyles.  These have proven to be destructive to more than just our goals.

Still, more thrilling than any progress made on our goals, Katie and I have recently come back to a place of humility before God.  Our self-centered mindsets were causing us to try and take matters into our own hands, whereas now when decisions or conflicts arise, we will pause and take time to bring them to the Lord.

So without any further adu, below I will list each goal, a summery of its progress, and give an EPC (Estimated Percent Complete):

  1. Read 2 parenting books
    1. This appeared stagnent after trying to reserve "Shepherding a Child's Heart" from a local library online and the book never showed up.  Then out of the blue, about two months after reserving it, the book came in to the library.  So Katie and I are now about two chapters in to the book and enjoying it so far.  We still haven't decided our next book, so suggestions are welcomed!
    2. EPC: 5%
  2. Jog a 5K together
    1. After 3 months we had yet to jog together, but furturne turned our way when my sisters (Heather and Casey) decided to jog a 5k this year as well.  We are now starting the couch to 5k program and Katie and I have jogged a few times together.  This progress is encouraging but there is still a long way to go.
    2. EPC: 3%
  3. Pray together 5 nights a week before bed
    1. Unfortunately, we have been really bad about completing this, and we have noticed its negative effects in our marriage.  Still, this has slowly been improving and it is AWESOME.  I totally recommend getting into this habbit for all married couples, it helps center your marriage on God and humble each of your perspectives.
    2. EPC: 9.5%
  4. Take an active ministry role in a local church in Michigan
    1. There is not a lot to report here because we are still praying about what local church to fully commit to.  We have visited many of the churches we wanted to, so we continue to bathe this decision in prayer because we don't want to end up where we are more comfortable, but rather where God wants to use us.
    2. EPC: 15%
  5. Update this blog twice a month
    1. This happens to be the one goal which has stayed on track all year long.  It has been an enjoyable experience for Katie and I to blog and update people on our lives, and it is especially sweet when people that we don't get to talk to on a regular basis let us know that they have been keeping up with what we are doing here on this blog.  We would still love to get a bit more consistent and update the blog a few more times a month, but we are on track and have posted at least twice a month each month.
    2. EPC: 33.3%

Thanks for taking a moment to keep up with our family goals for 2012.  We love any comments of advice or encouragement, or even let us know how you are doing on your 2012 goals/resolutions!

~Team Worth

    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Life is in bloom!

    So we now find ourselves in the month of April. Flowers are blooming, leaves are growing on the trees, and the gentle breeze is a welcome relief. Although, I must not complain about winter here in MI. It was very very mild!I feel as if I become more alive this time of year. I am a flip-flop, tank top, kind of girl. I could do with a few weeks of fall and winter, and that's about it!

    April has brought with it many new things! Mark's parents have moved out of their house, the one they called home for over 17 years! This has been challenging for all. Saying goodbye to a home that held so many memories for them. We are however enjoying their next steps. They have moved into Woodland Ridge Apartments. We love visiting them. They have a little playground outside their building, complete with a fire pit. We will definitely be enjoying family camp fires their. They also have a Club House. Equipped with board games, TV, internet, a pool table, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. Altogether, just a nice place to hangout!

     Katie Worth Photography has started. It is still in its humble beginnings. I have done 2 photo shoots so far. Have 2 more in the planning process, and 1 or 2 in the month of June.Hoping for more business as the Spring progresses, and Summer begins. It has been an adventure for sure, and a pipe dream for much longer than that. I am still not sure if it will become a thriving business. If not, that's ok. I will still continue to grow, and enjoy being a hobby photographer!
    April 12th, was a special day for us as a family. Eden Grace turned 6 months old! What a half a year it has been. I wonder how many diapers we have changed :). God has been so very good to us. We absolutely love our baby girl. She has such a personality already! Her smiles and laughs light up our life. Our family of 3 is pretty amazing. I am happy with its size for now. Sometimes I find myself day dreaming about what our family will be like in years to come. How many kids will we have? Where will we be living? What jobs will we have? Only God knows the answer to all the above. We will trust Him!

    As we jump into this new season, have you thought about "Spring Cleaning"?  In theory, it sounds like a great idea. However, getting it done is  a whole other story. I am here to share with you Mark and I's cleaning goals as we begin these warmer months. You see I want a neat and tidy house 100% of the time, but you wouldn't know that if you lived with me. The more space you give me, the more I spread out. Parts of "me" are in every room. A cell phone and wallet in one room, a pair of shoes in another, a sweatshirt by the stairs, and piles of laundry just about everywhere. Oh, and did I mention something of Eden's is probably in every room. Mark and I both desire to have a neat house, but it is so easy to let it stop there. So we are instituting "10 minute Tasks" this week. Each morning and evening we will set the timer, and declutter for 10 minutes. You can do anything for 10 minutes right? Don't worry, we will be spending more than 20 minutes a day doing household chores. But it's a start :). This way whatever our days look like, they will begin and end with picking up. As we go, I would like to add in more things, such as 10 minutes of laundry per-day, 10 minutes of anything Eden (her laundry, making baby food etc.) It is our goal not only to declutter, but do house projects too! It is important not to let this kind of schedule rule our lives. That is, being ALWAYS tied to the 10 minute rule. But we think it is a healthy beginning to a clutter free home.
    So that's what's going on with Team Worth. We hope you all are enjoying this new season!