Friday, November 18, 2011

Eden's Arrival

  Eden came exactly when she was supposed to; On her due date J.  Although that date was stuck in our minds for the past 8 months, somehow when the time finally came, we weren’t totally ready. In short, we almost didn’t make it the hospital in time for her arrival. So here is the chaotic story of how Eden Grace Worth entered our world, and became part of TEAM WORTH. We are so in love with this ADORABLE blessing from the Lord! (Eden maybe one day you will read this and it will put a smile on your face).
   It all started a little over 9 months ago...j/k…we won’t be sharing that part of the story. So I’ll start here: Tuesday Oct 11th, 2011 became a monumental day , for that is officially when labor began. I was substitute teaching that afternoon. That morning I had some contractions, and felt a little funny, but nothing earth shattering. So I decided why not at least work a half day. So I did. Around 2:30 or so I thought my water was beginning to break (Not like the movies…they make it seem so dramatic). In the end it wasn't, but I did leave school a little early that day. Contractions began to be more consistent around 4:30/5:00pm. They were painful, but looking back definitely nothing like the ones that were coming my way that evening. So I waited for Mark to finish work, and to do some more of his running. (For those of you who were following his goal of running 250 miles, he finished the night before Eden arrived!)
  Mark was a wonderful help! After work he was determined to help get US ready for the hospital, and to leave our apartment clean. We went out that evening, grabbed a bite to eat, and Mark even bought me Gertrude Hawk chocolate for pre and post labor/delivery. I actually had a handful of painful contractions in the store trying to pick out my chocolate haha. That evening the contractions started picking up, becoming more painful and closer together. Mark helped me breathe through many of them! What a great coach! Around 11pm we loaded our 100 bags and 10 pillows into the car….(j/k  but really we had a lot of things! ). The contractions were especially painful as we headed to the hospital. I had heard of back labor, but was not aware that your hips could feel like they were on FIRE during a contraction. Your hips can actually separate in preparation for labor. Upon arrival, I was less than thrilled with the nurse who told me not to breathe so heavy, and to just RELAX.  Yes, that was exactly what I wanted to do! (NOT!) I was devastated when I was discharged around 12:45am at only 2 CM. The doctor said I could be 6-48 hours away from delivering!! My parents arrived at the hospital just as we were being discharged. Although I love my parents dearly, the prospect of laboring at home and knowing they were going to be there was frustrating. I didn’t want to be around anyone but Mark.
  We arrived home and I had already decided I wanted to take a very HOT shower. Anything  to find relief! So after throwing up my dinner ( yes lovely I know), I took a shower. The shower was so hot that the steam made it hard to breathe, so Mark brought in a fan for me. Who asks for a fan to be blowing on them, while in the shower?  A pregnant woman, desperate for relief!! I stayed in that shower/ bath for about an hour. Although Mark thought it was probably too hot, he didn’t say a word because he could see that I was finally relaxing, and talking to him againJ. Yes communication is important, even during labor.(It was during my shower that  I decided I was getting an epidural when I returned to the hospital!)  Finally Mark encouraged me to get out. No one will ever know how much progress I made in there, but It wouldn’t surprise me if I dilated 3-4 cm during that time!! Needless to say, the shower moved things along! The baby was probably thinking ( WOOAH IT’S HOT  IN HERE…time to get out! )haha.
  The next 2 hours or so was probably the worst part of the whole thing. Contractions became unbearable. Mark was a wonderful help. When I would hit the peaks of contractions and start crying, tensing up, and giving in he would help pull me through them. At this point we had no idea how far I was. ( See we had already reached the 5-1-1 rule  ( contractions  that are 5 min apart, lasting 1 min, for at least 1 hour.) So the doctor said that when contractions became more “intense” we should come back in. News flash!! Contractions already seemed intense to me, how was I supposed to know when I should go back? Due to the fact that we were already sent home once, Mark wanted to make absolutely sure that I was far enough along to be admitted, before leaving for the hospital. So around 5:00am we started timing them again. They were 2-3 min apart, but Mark wanted to keep track for a whole hour, just to be certain. However, 35 min. into that hour, I urged him to call the doctor. I was starting to feel the urge to push!  This can begin to happen during the transitional stage of labor, so again, we didn’t know exactly how far along I was. The doctor definitely thought that we should head back to the hospital.
  What came next was the most intense car ride of our lives. Contractions seemed to be coming every minute. Mark tried to keep me focused on breathing and NOT pushing. He was breathing, blowing, and talking me through the contractions. So he wasn’t breathing enough himself. He began to feel faint. Very comical now to talk about, but it would have been awful  if he had passed out. Eden for sure would have been born in the car. To make matters worse, Mark went four blocks passed the hospital. I angrily and painfully said, MARK GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL, THIS BABY IS COMING!! At this point I was at the end of my rope. Blowing out air as if my life depended on it! Anything not to push! Mark was yelling and reminding me not to give in and push. I was yelling at him for NOT running a red light. I demanded that he park at the ER entrance, and turn on the flashers.
  Upon arrival, I practically ran in the hospital. When I realized Mark wasn’t with me, I rushed back out the door, and yelled at him to COME ON! In the mad dash to the door he grabbed only two things, completely forsaking our digital camera and birthing plan J.  The very nice maintenance man saw my very flustered self and offered a wheelchair. Thank goodness! I arrived on the labor/delivery floor huffing and puffing. The same nurse I had earlier told me to RELAX again, since I still had a long way to go. My goodness I could have punched her. All I wanted was pain meds. In triage I was repeatedly begging for them. However, Nurse Judy we will call her, realized that I was much further than anticipated.  She was surprised at my progress! WOW! 8 cm! She looked me right in the face after my 4th or 5th time asking for pain meds and said “honey, you’re not getting pain meds, you’re going to push!” My whole world came crashing down, I screamed, and started to cry. All the nurses thought it was awesome that I didn’t come in till I was ready to push. That was definitely not my view at the current time. They wheeled my bed from triage right into a delivery room. My doctor arrived soon after. He was about to check my progress, when the nurse said there was no need.  She informed him I was fully dilated and that she only told us we were 8cm so as not to scare us hahaha. I barely had time to think about what was happening. It was show time, and I had no choice but to deliver naturally. I pushed for 20 minutes or less, and Eden Grace entered the world! What an amazing and chaotic experience. Looking back I am glad that I went through labor and delivery naturally. Now I know when push comes to shove (literally and figuratively) I can do it! If I had arrived at the hospital an hour or two earlier, I would have given in, and asked for pain meds. There is nothing wrong with medication, but I am glad I was forced to do it without any. I quite often fail to push myself to my fullest potential. I know at least when it comes to labor, that I can accomplish a lot if I am encouraged, and determined.

  Trust me, labor/delivery was NOT a walk in the park. However, as I look at my story, I realize I am truly blessed. Labor and delivery, although a bit dramatic, went beautifully. Everything was text book. I didn't tare or have an episiotomy. Recovery has gone well. The biggest battle so far has been emotional with a side of fatigue J. So for now we are taking it one day at time!  I’m sure in the next  18 + years  there will be plenty more battles to face as we raise our precious Eden J.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Treasure of our Hearts

For you who are yet unborn :)... We love you already!  

(Verse One- Daddy)
 You’re tinier than I could imagine
Still my love for you is deeper than the ocean
I'd give my final breath to protect you
Funny thing is I've never even met you

(Chorus 1)
I just can't wait to hold you in these arms
To tell my wife it's a boy it's a girl
To kiss your forehead and tell you you're my world
To tell my father you have his eyes
To lead you to, to lead you with the Word, the Word of Life

(Verse Two- Mommy)
You are the twinkle in my eye
I've dreamt of meeting you my whole life
I hope you know I’ll never leave you
And you’ll always be loved no matter what you do

(Chorus 2)

I just can’t wait to hold you in these arms
and welcome you into this world
To hold your little hand and tell you, you are my boy or girl
To hand you to your Father the first time 
To lead you to, to lead you with the Word, the Word of Life

And as you grow and make decisions
That will take you away from us
We will love you
And even when you fall
There’s nothing you can do to keep our love from you
We will love you
We will love you
We will always love you

Music by: Mark Worth
Lyrics by: Mark & Katie Worth

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ever Closer...

Each week on the calendar is falling away, and our baby's due date draws ever closer! We are excited and nervous to enter the world of parenthood! October will be a month with plenty of changes. There will be overwhelming  joy, discouragement, and extreme lack of sleep :). ( I have not experienced sleep deprivation due to having an infant in the house, but I am confident it will come, and that I should prepare for the worst!)
A midst the array of emotions we will be feeling, I am sure we will spend many moments staring in awe at the child God chose to bless us with. (At least as long as we can keep our eyes open).
For now we play the waiting game. I am 33 weeks along, and just four weeks shy of being  full term!  I am definitely hitting the "Nesting" point! I am anxious to have everything ready for Baby Worth. I want the nursery as well as the whole apartment to be cleaned and organized. I even scrubbed the stove the other day hmm....moms this is all due to nesting right lol?
I think/hope that our little one will make an early debut. Of course, now that I say that, he/she is sure to arrive late :). We can't wait to meet this baby! God knows best, and we trust Him to bring this little life into the world in His time. I just hope we don't have to wait too long to meet!

Here are a few things that I have been making/putting together for Baby Worth:
I Love our Pack N Play! Really enjoyed putting it together. Amazing to think there will be a baby in there very soon!

The board I decorated for the Nursery wall. It coordinates with our jungle theme. The babies first name will be displayed up top, while their middle name will be displayed on the bottom. This board will contain baby photos, the birth announcement, and other baby info :). 

We ask all of you for your continued prayers as we prepare for this precious gift. There is still plenty to do! Pray for peace about labor/delivery for me. I am super nervous about it!  Also, that God would help us cherish these remaining weeks as just a couple. Our lives will be changed forever very soon, so we will continue to cling to our great God, who is unchanging!

In His love,
Katie & Mark

Monday, August 1, 2011

Worth Workout Plan...and more :)

About two weeks ago Mark and I set out on a new adventure. One that we call the WWP or the Worth Workout Plan. We both have a desire to be more in shape, and Mark would like to lose some weight. Funny as now I am putting on the weight. This may end of up being the closest in weight we'll ever be haha.

Mark's original goal was to run 250 miles over all before he could have "pop" again.Which he broke down to about 3 miles daily.Then based off of a 12 min/mile he figured out how many minutes he would need to run (3000!!!). So if you are wondering why Mark posts big numbers on facebook frequently, they represent how many minutes he has left to run before he can drink his favorite beverage! If all works out as planned, he should reach his goal right around Baby Worth's arrival! Perfect timing...he is going to need that caffeine again!
My goal is to power walk 30 min daily. I know I know, that doesn't sound like much. But hey ya gotta start somewhere. I know that walking while pregnant is extremely healthy for baby and I, so that is a good motivator. I have not been one much for "working out". The idea sounds great, but the follow through is harder :).
Mark and I have been doing OK with follow through. We have missed days already, but we are still sticking with it. I enjoy so much better when we have time to go out to a park together. It feels so good to get a nice workout and be together at the same time. It is hard to stay motivated when I'm out there alone...even if it is just walking.
In other news...Baby Worth arrives in just about 10 weeks!! Unbelievable! It's coming so fast. I am getting more nervous as the due date draws ever closer. The nursery is beginning to look like a nursery. However, I just wish we had more storage space! Married for only a year and we already have too many things! We are looking forward to meeting our very active little one in the near future though :).
Mark is FINALLY done his seminary classes. I don't know if that was a bigger trial for him or for me ;). Well of course he did all the work, but I struggle when he is super busy, and we don't get lots of time together. I am selfishly in love with him :), and don't like to share him much.( I know this has its downfalls.)
Now that Seminary is over for the Summer, that frees us up to spend time together before the baby comes right!? NOT so!... Unfortunately due to my lack of an income at the moment, Mark has found himself back at Abington Manor as a CNA. I am very blessed to have a husband who works so hard for our family. He sees it as his job to provide and does it willingly without complaining. So now he works for TWO and I eat and sleep for TWO :). So between double shifts and weekend shifts, our time together has significantly decreased :(. I know God has a plan, but it is hard to not feel guilty. It seems that God has provided by allowing Mark the ability to work two jobs, but has not provided for me yet. That is OK, we still serve a faithful God, I just wish I didn't feel so bad about not working. All in HIS time though right?

So as you think about Team Worth, pray for us. We have much to prepare before Baby Worth's debut. Plus we don't have much time together anymore. SO pray for endurance, strength, and patience for Mark as he works through the night, and on the weekends, on top of his normal 40hrs at BBC. Pray that he would continue to have a positive influence at the Manor, I know he really enjoys reaching the people there. 
Also, please pray that I would be a supportive wife and find peace in my altogether way too much "alone time". God is sovereign, and I do trust Him. But being pregnant and overly emotional makes being alone soo much harder. Pray that I would be able to get the daily tasks of "home life" done so that Mark can relax when he is home.
God has a plan, He has been so faithful to us! God will never leave us, and we are truly thankful for that TRUTH today!

God bless,
Kate & Mark

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer in the "grown up" world :)

Well Summer is in full swing...finally! I am personally very thankful for the sunshine and the air conditioner :). We have had a few incredibly HOT days, but other than that, a mild Summer for North East PA which I am thankful for.
 Recently we celebrated our 1st Anniversary (June 18th)! Mark planned a very nice weekend trip for us both. It was a complete surprise! It wasn't until that day that we realized how much we needed to get away! God blessed us with a fun filled trip to NYC, and a nice stay at a hotel in NJ. It was great to just ENJOY time together, reflecting back on our wedding day, and all that had gone on in our first year! God is so good!

Right after our Anniversary weekend we jumped into a crazy week at VBS. Mark and I taught the 3rd and 4th graders! It was a great week, and I found deep joy  in serving with Mark. I look forward to more opportunities the Lord brings our way to serve Him.
This passed weekend we spent the 4th of July in NJ with my family. I was surprised with my very first baby shower! How incredible! Many hours went into planning it, and I felt very loved! My family and friends did a wonderful job, and really blessed Mark and I with a tremendous amount of baby items. Now the question remains...where am I going to put them all?
Mark started out on a new adventure in May....Seminary! I am glad to report he is DONE with one of his classes, and received an "A"...I am so proud of him! He has just a few weeks left of his 2nd class...then we'll be "Seminary Free" for the month of August. However...there will still be plenty of things to keep us busy!

We have three weddings to attend/ and or be a part of during the remainder of our Summer.We are looking forward to them for sure, but they will involve plenty of traveling! (The one trip to MI will be taken during my 32 week of pregnancy...stay tuned for that adventure lol). FYI...MI friends and family...we'll be out there the 18-21st of August...and yes we want to see you!
So although our Summer has been less than relaxing in some ways, I still am thankful for the change of pace, and the nice weather. However, Summers in the "grown up" world definitely don't seem to have the same uniqueness or excitement that childhood, High School or even some College Summers once did. Don't get me wrong. I still love them! It's just now life consists of more adult responsibilities...surprise surprise :). Which in many ways I don't mind. but there is something special, welcoming, and gleeful about Summers with no stress, no work schedule, no homework. (Although, I still enjoy the last benefit), life is just different! For example, currently I need a job, and I need one fast. I can't afford to sit around and soak in every moment of sunshine. Although I have been in this boat before, it is different now being married. Not only married but expecting a child, needing to pay the bills, fix the car, help put food on our table etc. Mark and I absolutely trust that God has a plan...but waiting to see His plan is still hard! (Please keep us in your prayers :)
So as Summer speeds on...we can't HELP but think of our amazing gift that is waiting for us in October! Each week is flying by! I am currently 25 weeks pregnant! It's unreal! I also have a guestroom currently filled with tons of baby items. It doesn't seem like it could be possible, and yet it really is! Baby Worth will be here in 3 months time! With the 3rd trimester right around the corner, Mark is also beginning to feel the urgency of parenthood. The nursery needs to be put together and organized. Baby items need to be sorted and stored in there rightful place. The apartment needs a "white glove" kind of clean before baby comes, (When will we find the time to clean like that after s/he arrives!? )
However, we are also trying to enjoy these last few months without our little one! God is so good, and we are excited... but nervous to be parents! ( Well I can only speak for myself when it comes to the nervousness part :). Parenthood will be amazing, but it is a bitter sweet feeling ending this first stage, if you will, of marriage. No longer just two of us...but three! With this new endeavor Team Worth looks forward to many more adventures!!
We hope you are all having a blessed Summer! Let us know how we can be praying for YOU!

Much Love,

Mark & Katie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beyond the flutters!

So this week Wednesday (officially) marks the 1/2 way point of this pregnancy! Mark and I are so excited!! The baby is becoming more real all the time. I have been feeling flutters...popcorn...light taps...whatever you want to call them, for a few weeks. At first they were small, and I wondered if it was really the baby or not. Now there is no denying it!! this week the baby has really started partying it up :). I feel the little one often, what a miracle!! This week also marks another special moment in the pregnancy. Sunday evening ( 5/22), Mark felt our baby move for the first time. Just one day before we were to see our Star on our 2nd Trimester ultrasound! It was so special to finally share that with him. He has been dying to feel our baby.
Monday was AMAZING. Moms (and dads :) out there, I know you can relate! The little one you've been dreaming of, thinking about, shopping for, finally seems a lot more REAL! At least that is how I felt. The more consistent and distinct movements has been wonderful too...but actually seeing the baby. WOW! I wish I could have my own ultrasound equipment, so I could spend time every day looking at the little miracle inside of me :).
It is just so incredible how advanced technology is these days. The ultrasound tech. pointed out and explained all different parts of the babies body, and even gave us an inside look at the brain! I loved seeing it move around, it even yawned while we were watching :). Our little one is growing just the way s/he should be! What a great blessing from the Lord. I am so thankful that He has entrusted us with the life of this little one. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this journey to parenthood!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adding on :)

Wow, has it really been almost three months since I updated this!? Definitely not as on top of this Blog as I would like to be :)
Well things in the Worth world are great! :)  God has continued to prove His faithfulness to us over the last few months. The new year has brought with it many joys and challenges. Mark's new job is going very well. He is enjoying it, and is continuing to learn more about technology (Our computer has become his guinea pig for testing out new things!). There have been discouraging days since he began in January,but all in all he is thankful for the ability to learn a new skill!
Substitute Teaching has really picked up for me. I usually have a job 4 out of 5 days a week! God has been so good! It was discouraging at first because  it took me a while to get things rolling. However, now I am enjoying subbing and the opportunity to be in a variety of classrooms :).
Not only did we switch "Careers" in January, but we began expanding our family :). We officially found out on February 3rd that Baby Worth was on the way!!! Many of you ladies understand the thoughts and emotions racing through you the moment you see a positive test result! I couldn't believe it! Although, I had my suspicions before that day, it still was thrilling! When I finally KNEW I still had conflicting emotions. For those of you who don't know. God blessed us with a child in the Fall, but His will was not for us to keep that little one. Through the heartache of losing a child, God taught us that we needed  to cling to each other and to HIM! He was faithful in showing us love and giving us strength through the storm!
So lets just say finding out less than 3 months later that I was again expecting, brought worry and joy. Could I really get excited for this Little One? Did God have another agenda than I did?  It has been a few months since we first found out the joyous news!! Mark and I are happy to announce, the pregnancy is going well so far!! I am 16 weeks TODAY!!! :) We heard the baby's heartbeat a few weeks ago. A beating little heart, how precious!  It's incredible and unreal to think that there is a little person growing inside of me.We are sure God has a plan for this little one too! We are looking forward  to meeting him...I mean her....actually it's going to be a SURPRISE! We hope and pray that the Lord will allow us to bring this child into the world. However, losing our first one is definitely a reminder that life doesn't always go as planned, but we can be sure God is sovereign in all situations! The Lord already knows the days planned out for baby Worth, and we are looking forward to parenting our blessing from above!!
Please be in prayer for us as we prepare for parenthood. Mark's job is pretty stable at the moment, and his healthcare is great. Those are two big blessings in the light of  many doctors appointments and future baby expenses. I however, need to find another job for the summer. I need a full-time job in order to help us meet our financial needs each month. Also, after the baby is born I will have to go back to work Substitute Teaching or doing something else. We would love if I could stay home, but financially we can't afford to do so.
God continually reminds us that He provides what we need, when we need it! HE is big, and we are looking forward to seeing His provisions in the coming months!

We'll hopefully be updating the blog more often...and letting those near and far from us know how our little family is doing!

Katie & Mark

                                                                 ( Pic: Baby Worth at 14 weeks)


Monday, January 31, 2011

His Grace Tells the Story

Although this Blog will mostly contain posts about how Team Worth is doing, I would like to take a moment to share with you how God has proved His love and faithfulness to me (Katie).
I would probably not have thought about sharing my testimony on this blog until now. I have to credit that thought to the young marrieds small group that met last night. We were all asked to share our testimony. Although I'm sure asked of us many times before,the answers spoken really came down to the heart of who we really are. This time of sharing allowed me to see that not only are God's grace and love evident in our lives, but His plan of sanctification for each of us is so uniquely different.  During this hour or so of testimonies I was given the opportunity to share mine. So here is my story...well the one God has beautifully created.
I sometimes fear that my story isn't unique or a wonderful display of God's grace. I am tempted often to think this story pales in comparison to someone who was at the end of his/her rope caught up in drugs, alcohol, gangs, sex outside of marriage...etc and then pulled out of ALL of that to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The truth is, that although God allowed me to not experience any of those things, He still very much SAVED me from the path of destruction.
As I look back on my life, it seems typical and very normal. The years have blended together, and there were not many hills or valleys that separated the years for me. I know in some ways that can be a blessing. I feel as if sadly, a good portion of my life I've coasted... but in fear and doubt.
I grew up in a wonderful family who loved and served the Lord. It was at the age of 5, in the summer of 1993, that my mom led me to Jesus.  One evening as I was getting ready for bed, she asked if I would like to pray with her. We then sat on my bed and she talked with me about knowing Jesus,we prayed together, and I accepted Christ as my Savior. Although at that age I'm not sure how much I understood, I just remember the excitement that filled me heart knowing that I would spend eternity with Jesus!
Throughout the years that followed I continued to attend church on a regular basis and go to Awana.  I had church friends I would spend time with, as well neighborhood friends that were unsaved. Even at a young age I had convictions. God created within me a sensitive and conscious stricken heart. Through the Lord, and my parents help I definitely knew Truth.
 As I grew, up there came a point around the age of 12 that I really started doubting my salvation. I must have prayed to the Lord hundreds of times, just to make sure I was saved. I know many of you have similar experiences :). No matter how often I prayed, or how many tears I cried, it seemed that the doubts and fears I had would not subside. I wanted to know for sure that I was going to heaven. I wanted visual conformation, but that of course is missing the mark. For God asks us for FAITH. It was during these rough years of doubting that I attended NLI (New Life Island) a summer camp in PA. I talked to different youth leaders and counselors who were a good encouragement to me. As I entered high school, God provided godly teachers, and friends to help on the journey. There were still moments of doubt during those years, and I remember desiring to be more confident and have a stronger faith. A few months before graduation I decided that I would like to attend BBC in the Fall. Little did I know what God had in store for me.
My Freshmen year I remember God just continually reminding me that life was truly nothing without HIM. It was a good truth that I needed to dwell on. If I didn't have faith then being a teacher, having a future, living my daily life was meaningless!! It was only through God and His grace that I could have a glorious purpose! College also continued to create in me a desire to learn more. I often, still to this day, want to know why things are the way they are. I want to understand general things in life more, as well as the Word of God. I am never satisfied without answers.God has allowed me to struggle through unknowns and tough questions, from a young age until now for a reason. He has wired me in such a way to search for truth!
It was during these years at college that devotions became more a part of my life. Up until then, I had memorized, learned, and studied a good amount of Scripture, but struggled with making time to be in it personally. I read through random books of the Bible and a few devotional books during the first couple years of college. But, it wasn't till my Junior and Senior year I believe that I began reading the Scriptures more often, other then for classes.  I started reading through the Bible my Soph. or Jr. year and fell behind, and gave up in Exodus or Leviticus, I think :). However, in the Fall of my Senior year, I started reading through the Bible again. I praise God for a wonderful and godly roommate who encouraged me in this direction. I started with Matthew, reading and then writing a prayer down in a journal. Then I started back in Genesis. I am still reading today... :). It has been over a year, and I am still in the O.T. But I am enjoying His Word so much. I have not given myself an end date to finish, (except that I would like to finish before we have kids :). My goal this year is to read at least two chapters a day, and journal a prayer. The Scriptures are truly amazing. Just being in them consistently is wonderful. I am only in 1 Kings about to start 2nd Kings. It is a slow, but continual process. (For those of you in  need of encouragement. Be in the Word daily. Even when you don't feel like it. Establish the habit and God will bless you!)
 So here I am today, married, age 22, and wondering what's next!? I feel like in ways I'm behind in this journey called the "Christian Walk". But that is when sin creeps in and I compare my journey to others. I am so easily influenced by the opinions of others. I often seek the approval of people  in my life, and find myself comparing my life to theirs, but God has a plan for me!The beautiful tapestry of my life is being filled differently then others. It is uniquely mine! I desire not to let life pass me by, although that is easy to do when I sit back, and don't step outside my comfort zone. I want God to break and stretch me . To rid me of fears and doubts, and fill me with the satisfaction that comes from the JOY of knowing Him! Life is too precious to waste. His love is too great a gift to just hide within my heart. I want HIS life and love to shine through me. I desire to sacrifice comforts, time, and energy for the glory of His name. I can't wait to get to know Him better through reading Scripture and prayer this year!
So I guess to bring this all back to where I began. I will say that as I look back over the last 22 years of my life I am so blessed! God has allowed me to meet so many godly friends. I can see many people that God placed in my life for a reason(family, close friends, teachers, church families etc). Out of love He chose me, God knew the child He had created :). He knew all the stages I would go through, and the sins I would struggle with. He gave me godly parents to protect me from the evil one. Friends who loved God, and encouraged me towards Him. Wonderful educators who have challenged me, and had an impact on my life. So through it all. God's hand has been...and will continue to watch over me. He has truly protected me from the world that so desires to devour me. From my first breath He has guided my steps...and He will lead me home!

Here are the song lyrics to a song by Addison Road called "What do I know of Holy".
This song describes me so well! I feel like I have so far to go in my relationship with the Savior! May it also be a challenge to all of you not to settle for what you know about our Savior, but to really run after Him. To Seek Him, Serve Him, Love Him...and never be satisfied with where you are spiritually.

I made You promises a thousand times
I tried to hear from Heaven
But I talked the whole time
I think I made You too small
I never feared You at all No
If You touched my face would I know You?
Looked into my eyes could I behold You?

What do I know of You
Who spoke me into motion?
Where have I even stood
But the shore along Your ocean?
Are You fire? Are You fury?
Are You sacred? Are You beautiful?
What do I know? What do I know of Holy?

I guess I thought that I had figured You out
I knew all the stories and I learned to talk about
How You were mighty to save
Those were only empty words on a page
Then I caught a glimpse of who You might be
The slightest hint of You brought me down to my knees

What do I know of You
Who spoke me into motion?
Where have I even stood
But the shore along Your ocean?
Are You fire? Are You fury?
Are You sacred? Are You beautiful?
What do I know? What do I know of Holy?

What do I know of Holy?
What do I know of wounds that will heal my shame?
And a God who gave life "its" name?
What do I know of Holy?
Of the One who the angels praise?
All creation knows Your name
On earth and heaven above
What do I know of this love?
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life as we know it...

Mark and I are doing well in Northeastern PA.  Life is settling down.  We have been in Dickson City for four months and are enjoying the doors God has been opening for us. His provisions are amazing. It is easy in the busyness of life to forget where He has brought us in the last 7 months of our marriage.(A summer at camp, the adventures of moving, job situations, heartbreak, ministry with our church, wonderful godly friendships...etc!) God has been so good to us, and as I type this I am reminded of His love and how He has been with us every step of the journey!
Winter is in full swing here in PA. the Snow is beautiful, but our little Honda Accord is not such a fan of it. God has seen to protect us so far on the snowy/icy roads, and we are very thankful. Seeing as we are sharing one car it is a must to have it work/run well!
This new year has brought with it some new opportunities. Mark is in his second week of working at Baptist Bible College. He is enjoying the new job, but has his moments of discouragement. It has been a joy to visit him on his lunch breaks occasionally. There is something unique about those moments, they just really make me feel that we're married. ( Like one of this for real? moments) I have imagined visiting him at his job and bringing our kids to see daddy one day. However, for now it's just me that makes those frequent visits, and it is a sweet gift!. (A gift that will end all to soon as I jump into Substitute Teaching).
 I am reminded often these days that this amazing man is working for me...for us as a couple...He is pushing himself to learn so many new things; to become a useful and reliable IT employee! I am very blessed to have Mark in my life.
As I mentioned previously, I also switched into something new this year. It however is taking time and patience to get in to full swing. Substitute teaching is on the horizon. Now begins the nights of ALWAYS remembering to put my cell phone next to the bed and waiting for those 6:30am phone calls! ( Lord, grant we wisdom and strength to speak and think clearly at that time of morning!) I am axcious about subbing. I love having a routine, and it seems that with subbing a routine is highly unlikely :). Just another way the Lord will stretch me and grow me I'm sure.
Mark and I are excited about what the future holds for us. We are trusting God with all the details. Why should we worry?  ( Phil. 4:6-7 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus).
Finances are tight (seeing as I've been playing houswife for a bit, and currently have no income). However, it is encouraging to know that God never looks past a NEED. Mark often prays that God would give us everything we NEED to do His will. Sure we like being comfortable, but what if God calls us to set aside many of those comforts for Him? Just a thought. We are cutting back the grocery budget and it is an enjoyable challenge to stretch our dollars. (Did you know at Aldi's  Mac & Cheese is 29 cents a box!!) Love it! Two of my favorite words are ON SALE :). 
We do not know what tomorrow, next month, or next year will hold for us as a couple. There are moments we think we have a plan, but we trust and know God's plan will prevail. We are beyond thankful that we have a God who loves us uncoditionally and is helping guide our steps on this journey. So to end...I think our word for this month is TRUST.  God knows our desires, ambitions, and hopes for the future. The ironic twist is although we can dream it up, God is the only one that can make it happen! He is the only one that knows how the story will unfold :).We TRUST that as we walk this path as ONE...that He will show us the plan step by step with His grace and wisdom to guide us along the way...

On this journey home with all of you...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Highlights of 2010

January 11, 2010 : Student Teaching began for Katie (ending May 4th!)
May 7, 2010: Katie Graduated from BBC!
Memorial Day weekend (End of May) : Redeker Famiy vacation (of course Mark attended) Last family vacation as JUST an engaged couple!
June13-18, 2010: Wedding Week ( So many memories...and some mishaps! lol)
June 18, 2010 : OUR WEDDING DAY!
June 19-25, 2010: Honeymoon!
June 27-Sept 5, 2010: First Summer married spent serving the Lord at Camp-of-the- Woods!
Sept. 18, 2010- Moved into our first apartment in Dickson City, PA!
Sept, 20ish, 2010- Katie got a job!  
Fall 2010- Helped begin a young married small group (love learning, laughing, and growing with this group!)
December 24-30th, 2010 : Christmas Celebrations with Redeker and Worth families. First Christmas time as a married couple. It was awesome!!

I'm sure there are so many events I missed...
God has been very good to Mark and I through out 2010; through the stresses of work, student teaching, planning a wedding, working at camp, moving, and settling into our new life has a married couple. We are so thankful for God's love in our lives, and are excited to see how God will work in us, and through us this new year, 2011!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello 2011!
Mark and I have been married for 6 months, and are looking forward to a new year full of uncertainties, and adventures.  As we look into this new year, we have decided that we need to be more proactive with our lives. James 1:22 reminds us to be doers of the Word and not just hearers. Our goal this year is to "Be Doers" , this can be applied to our lives spiritually as well as practically.
Both mark and I desire to grow deeper in our relationship with God this year, and challenge ourselves to be more open about our faith. We want the Word of God to be such an intimate part of our lives, that we can't help but have it overflow to each other, and others we interact with. It is our hope that the Word of Truth will dwell in our home, and our hearts in a whole new way this year!
Practically, "being doers" really will flesh itself out in many ways for this Worth family. There are many things on my (Katie's) list of things to do, to improve our apartment, and make it look like a home. This month "Being Doers" means painting our apartment (YAY!), and a few more home improvement projects. Also, I will be throwing myself into the great world of substitute teaching. :)
For Mark, "being a doer" this month will be applying himself to his new job at BBC (Baptist Bible College),which begins on Jan 10th! He is excited, and nervous for this new opportunity! Mark is also looking forward to beginning seminary classes this year, for FREE! God is good!
Looks like Northeastern PA will be our home for the next year at least...and most likely beyond that!
Well that's whats going on in our world currently...