Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Goals update: July

WARNING: The post you are about to read is filled with tales of failure and overall lack of progress.

The good news is we still remember our year's goals, which puts us ahead of probably two thirds of people who make resolutions/goals.  The bad news is, as you will see below, it has been three months since our last update and there has been shockingly little progress on some of our goals.  Summer life for us has been hopping.  If you read our last post you would see just how many different events we have been celebrating; plus we are praising God that he has been providing me with 40 hours at my job nearly every week!

Without any further explanation, below I will list each goal, a summery of its progress, and give an EPC (Estimated Percent Complete):

  1. Read 2 parenting books
    1. After reading only two chapters of "Shepherding a Child's Heart" in two weeks time, we had to return the book to the library and have yet to either check it out again or buy it.  So zero progress has been made on this goal.  We haven't even decided which book to read after this one. We are talking about reading "Give Them Grace" Or "Raising A Strong Willed Child"
    2. EPC: 5%
  2. Jog a 5K together
    1. Our last update in April claimed that we would now be jogging with Casey and Heather and hopefully running a 5k together with them.  Well that has yet to happen once, and I doubt it will.  In fact, Katie and I have only run together a time or two all year.  I have made it out about five more times by myself, but this is supposed to be a together thing.  We are just struggling to find the time to do it together.  On top of that, the 5k we wanted to run happens to be on the same weekend my wife is planning to attend a biannual consignment sale in Indiana with my aunt.  So we have no 5k to run either.  It is looking so bleak for this goal that I am rolling back its EPC from 3% in April to 1%
    2. EPC: 1%
  3. Pray together 5 nights a week before bed
    1. Praying together at night is a wonderful and life changing experience.  This was supposed to happen more often once I moved from night shift to days and actually am going to bed with my wife.  Still, we struggle to make this even a semi-consistent practice.  Lately (as in the last three of so nights) we have been praying together and it has been wonderful!  Unity in the Spirit is such a huge joy in a marriage, so please pray that this goal gets up and running for us on an every night basis!
    2. EPC: 14%
  4. Take an active ministry role in a local church in Michigan
    1. After much prayer and many discussions between Katie and myself, we settled on attending Bethel Baptist Church of Fruitport as our home church.  We love the people and the passion at Bethel and couldn't be more thrilled to call it home!  Already God has opened multiple doors for ministry at Bethel, especially in the youth and nursery ministries.  Katie and I have committed to working with the youth for the summer and attending every Wednesday night.  I had the opportunity to speak to the youth about what "Haughty Eyes" are and why God hates them.  Katie is taking an active aiding role to Abby Gagnon in helping with the church nursery, especially in its renovations.  This goal is basically complete, but I will leave ten percent uncompleted because ministry is something that requires faithful attendance over a long period of time, and therefore the last ten percent will be filled with our faithful participation throughout the rest of the year.
    2. EPC: 90%
  5. Update this blog twice a month
    1. I am very sad to say that this goal finally fell behind.  We were proud that we had kept it on track for 5 months.  I did post 3 times in May, once on the 31st, but only 1 time in June.  Still, in spite of the fact that we can no longer fully complete this goal, we will aim to get as close as possible.
    2. EPC: 54.2%

Thanks for taking a moment to keep up with Team Worth!  We are now more than half way on two of our goals, but woefully behind on the other three.  Let us know what you think or how you are doing on your goals/resolutions for 2012 by leaving us a comment.

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  1. thanks for your honesty. I especially love hearing your desire to pray together. Phil and I have struggled with this desire for years and continue to struggle; however, when we make it happen, it's amazing what the Spirit does to our marriage! Keep up the hard work. You aren't failures in God's eyes. :)