Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 on 10: JUNE

Here are my 10 pictures for the Month of June.taken on Wednesday June 6th. Enjoy watching the day unfold through my eyes. I love captions/descriptions. So I will give each picture one! Hope you ladies are enjoying this project as much as I am! Thanks Robyn for setting this up!

#1 My daughter Eden, Screaming! No worries she just likes  to scream for fun  haha.

#2 A view of Eden's books and toys

#3 One of my newest addictions!

#4 Bubbly Bath in the AM due to a poop EXPLOSION.

#5 Staring down her Squash. (Solids have not caught on with her yet!)

#6 When it comes to laundry, there is ALWAYS more to do!
#7 My Little Sunshine!

#8 Breakfast for dinner on Wednesday, a "Redeker" family tradition.

#9 Eden enjoying "Beach Night" with Bethel's Youth Group

#10 You can never get enough of this view!

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