Friday, January 1, 2016

5 for '16

     Here we are, again, at the beginning of a new year.  Every reason (except for history) to believe that this will be the year that we complete all 5 of our yearly goals.

  1. Have a Healthy Baby.  We are due March 2nd and it is our number one goal this year to have and nurture a healthy new member of Team Worth
  2. Buy a New Vehicle.  This is a virtual lock to happen, seeing as our car will not fit 3 of the ginormous car seats that we own.  We are on the market for a minivan... so keep your eyes peeled for us and hit us up if you see a deal!
  3. Read.  We got 2 books for Christmas from Mom and Dad Redeker: Give them Grace (a Christian Parenting Book) and You and Me Forever: Marriage in light of eternity (a Christian Marriage Book).  We plan to read them together and discuss them together.  Also, Mark is in a discipleship group this year and has 12 books to read, so that is a part of this goal as well.
  4. Jog/Walk 365 "non-routine" Miles.  We both aim to reach this goal individually (like Mark has to do 365 miles and Katie has to do 365 miles).  Non-routine means that they cannot be miles which we would normally walk in our daily activity, but intentionally sought out exercise. Mark has over 200 miles to go in his running goal before he can drink pop again, and Katie is aiming to lose her pregnancy weight by the end of the year. Our "365 miles" goal is to help us attain our individual goals.
  5. Spend a Minimum of 15 minutes of "Time with God" each day.  Consistency is the aim of this goal.  Ideally 15 minutes is far to little with God in a day, but for us to at least spend that much time EVERY day would be good.

Thanks for checking out our 5 Goals for 2016, we will update these as the year goes on.

May God be glorified in our, and your, lives this year!

-Team Worth