Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The End of a Chapter

Just as Autum fought hard to hold off the inevitable reality of winter, weather’s proverbial death, so Katie and I have been trying to suck the life out of our remaining moments here in PA.  The greater Scranton area has been our home for most of five and a half years now.  But just like Autum, we have finally succumb to death.  Our apartment now resembles something closer to a disaster area than a living space.  When we are not feeding, burping, changing, or comforting the baby we spend our moments frantically combing the apartment for what other unneeded item we might pack.  And so, life here in PA no longer resembles life in PA.  Outside of a couple more dates with friends, the curtian is closing, snow begins to fall, the fat lady is singing doe rae me... it is almost over.
Such a sad truth causes Katie and I to reflect, and in so doing we have become very thankful!  We are thankful for Summit Baptist Bible Church where Katie began attending when she was a freshman and I soon joined her once we were dating.  Summit became a great growth point for us, with members who loved and encouraged us, as well as giving us an opportunity to do ministry.
We are thankful for the Baptist Bible College, where not only did Katie and I graduate, but we fell in love there!  Last January I began working at BBC where the people have been a great encouragement and blessing.
We are thankful for the two bedroom apartment that God provided us with, which at the time we had not intended the second bedroom to be a nursery, but God had.  We are also thankful for such a wonderful landlady as Carol!
We are thankful for Abington Manor, the nursing home that provided the money for our wedding and also held a job for me at the end of our summer at camp.  I cannot even number the ways that Abington Manor employees have helped me out, whether giving me rides home after work or switching shifts with me to make my schedule work, it has truly been a blessing working there.
We are thankful for our precious gift Eden Grace!  We rejoice that she was born healthy and IN the hospital (especially since we were less than 20 minutes out of the car at her arrival).  We praise God for Dr. Green who delivered her safely for us!
We are thankful for Abington Heights School District for how organized they are with their subbing system.  Also, for the employees whom have helped make Katie’s subbing experience a very positive one.
But most of all, we are thankful for relationships, for individuals, who took their time and energy to get to know us, to love us, to encourage us towards Christ and help mold us into better individuals than we were without them!  My heart desires to list these individuals but this post would be nearly endless.  Still, you know who you are, and you are very very appreciated!

Our time is not over yet, we still have ten days, and like a fish out of water we will still try to suck the air of out the rest of our time, even if it seems impossible.  Thank you everyone in PA for helping us write the first chapter in Katie and I’s story, we love you!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012

5 Great things that happened in 2011
  1. Starting new jobs.  In January of 2011 Katie began subbing and Mark started with BBC’s IT department.  For Mark there was a steep learning curve and some very interesting twists and turns along the way.  Katie, however, was a natural from the beginning!
  2. Katie told me we were pregnant by coming to my work to meet with me at lunch at BBC.  She said had an “early valentines gift” for me.  It turned out to be clues that told me that she was pregnant.
  3. NYC for our 1st anniversary!  Though we ended up getting out of the city way later than we expected, we had a blast!  By the time we got to our hotel we had walked way too much for a pregnant women, and it was past hours for any nice restaurants.  So we had Taco Bell for our anniversary dinner!  We did enjoy an upgraded room, very modern looking!
  4. Birth of Eden!  Though the story was a bit crazier than we would have preferred, it ended with us holding our beautiful baby girl!
  5. Mark completed running 280 miles between the last week of July and the 11th of October.  To complete the goal Mark had to hold himself hostage by restricting himself from drinking Pop until he finished the running.  Completing this goal has led to further goal setting, and therefore bettering of his self.

5 measurable goals for 2012
  1. Read 2 parenting books
  2. Run a 5k together
  3. Pray together before bed 5 nights a week
  4. Take on an active ministry role in a local Church in Michigan
  5. Update our family blog at least twice every month
We would welcome any comments about our 2011 year, or any tips towards meeting our 2012 goals!