Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ever Closer...

Each week on the calendar is falling away, and our baby's due date draws ever closer! We are excited and nervous to enter the world of parenthood! October will be a month with plenty of changes. There will be overwhelming  joy, discouragement, and extreme lack of sleep :). ( I have not experienced sleep deprivation due to having an infant in the house, but I am confident it will come, and that I should prepare for the worst!)
A midst the array of emotions we will be feeling, I am sure we will spend many moments staring in awe at the child God chose to bless us with. (At least as long as we can keep our eyes open).
For now we play the waiting game. I am 33 weeks along, and just four weeks shy of being  full term!  I am definitely hitting the "Nesting" point! I am anxious to have everything ready for Baby Worth. I want the nursery as well as the whole apartment to be cleaned and organized. I even scrubbed the stove the other day hmm....moms this is all due to nesting right lol?
I think/hope that our little one will make an early debut. Of course, now that I say that, he/she is sure to arrive late :). We can't wait to meet this baby! God knows best, and we trust Him to bring this little life into the world in His time. I just hope we don't have to wait too long to meet!

Here are a few things that I have been making/putting together for Baby Worth:
I Love our Pack N Play! Really enjoyed putting it together. Amazing to think there will be a baby in there very soon!

The board I decorated for the Nursery wall. It coordinates with our jungle theme. The babies first name will be displayed up top, while their middle name will be displayed on the bottom. This board will contain baby photos, the birth announcement, and other baby info :). 

We ask all of you for your continued prayers as we prepare for this precious gift. There is still plenty to do! Pray for peace about labor/delivery for me. I am super nervous about it!  Also, that God would help us cherish these remaining weeks as just a couple. Our lives will be changed forever very soon, so we will continue to cling to our great God, who is unchanging!

In His love,
Katie & Mark

Monday, August 1, 2011

Worth Workout Plan...and more :)

About two weeks ago Mark and I set out on a new adventure. One that we call the WWP or the Worth Workout Plan. We both have a desire to be more in shape, and Mark would like to lose some weight. Funny as now I am putting on the weight. This may end of up being the closest in weight we'll ever be haha.

Mark's original goal was to run 250 miles over all before he could have "pop" again.Which he broke down to about 3 miles daily.Then based off of a 12 min/mile he figured out how many minutes he would need to run (3000!!!). So if you are wondering why Mark posts big numbers on facebook frequently, they represent how many minutes he has left to run before he can drink his favorite beverage! If all works out as planned, he should reach his goal right around Baby Worth's arrival! Perfect timing...he is going to need that caffeine again!
My goal is to power walk 30 min daily. I know I know, that doesn't sound like much. But hey ya gotta start somewhere. I know that walking while pregnant is extremely healthy for baby and I, so that is a good motivator. I have not been one much for "working out". The idea sounds great, but the follow through is harder :).
Mark and I have been doing OK with follow through. We have missed days already, but we are still sticking with it. I enjoy so much better when we have time to go out to a park together. It feels so good to get a nice workout and be together at the same time. It is hard to stay motivated when I'm out there alone...even if it is just walking.
In other news...Baby Worth arrives in just about 10 weeks!! Unbelievable! It's coming so fast. I am getting more nervous as the due date draws ever closer. The nursery is beginning to look like a nursery. However, I just wish we had more storage space! Married for only a year and we already have too many things! We are looking forward to meeting our very active little one in the near future though :).
Mark is FINALLY done his seminary classes. I don't know if that was a bigger trial for him or for me ;). Well of course he did all the work, but I struggle when he is super busy, and we don't get lots of time together. I am selfishly in love with him :), and don't like to share him much.( I know this has its downfalls.)
Now that Seminary is over for the Summer, that frees us up to spend time together before the baby comes right!? NOT so!... Unfortunately due to my lack of an income at the moment, Mark has found himself back at Abington Manor as a CNA. I am very blessed to have a husband who works so hard for our family. He sees it as his job to provide and does it willingly without complaining. So now he works for TWO and I eat and sleep for TWO :). So between double shifts and weekend shifts, our time together has significantly decreased :(. I know God has a plan, but it is hard to not feel guilty. It seems that God has provided by allowing Mark the ability to work two jobs, but has not provided for me yet. That is OK, we still serve a faithful God, I just wish I didn't feel so bad about not working. All in HIS time though right?

So as you think about Team Worth, pray for us. We have much to prepare before Baby Worth's debut. Plus we don't have much time together anymore. SO pray for endurance, strength, and patience for Mark as he works through the night, and on the weekends, on top of his normal 40hrs at BBC. Pray that he would continue to have a positive influence at the Manor, I know he really enjoys reaching the people there. 
Also, please pray that I would be a supportive wife and find peace in my altogether way too much "alone time". God is sovereign, and I do trust Him. But being pregnant and overly emotional makes being alone soo much harder. Pray that I would be able to get the daily tasks of "home life" done so that Mark can relax when he is home.
God has a plan, He has been so faithful to us! God will never leave us, and we are truly thankful for that TRUTH today!

God bless,
Kate & Mark