Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where Have We Been?

Sadly, it has been a while since we have updated this blog. One of our goals was to blog twice a month this year. We were doing so well until June! We fell 1 post short of our goal! Oh well, we will keep pressing on anyway.
The month of June was a hectic one for sure. It was a marathon of celebrations for us! I flew back from NJ on June 2nd, and Mark celebrated his 27th birthday on June 3rd. We had a very nice day together. Went to dinner at the best Mexican Grill around, Qdoba.( This is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to eat at). Then played 2 of Marks favorite games Batchi Ball, and Dirty Marbles. Oh and Mark's birthday wouldn't be complete without his favorite cake: Confetti cake, with Rainbow chip frosting!
  Right around the corner was my 24th birthday, on June 8th. Mark, along with his family, took me out to Chili's. It was excellent! We also went to the movies ALONE. Aunt Casey, Nana and Papa graciously agreed to watch little Eden.We saw What to Expect When Your Expecting! Very funny! Definitely more humorous now that Mark and I are parents ourselves.
The celebrations continued with Uncle Ben's birthday on June 16th. We of course ventured out to another restaurant, the Asian Buffet. I would say a Worth family favorite, but more importantly Ben's favorite :). We then enjoyed cake and a game of Dirty Marbles at the apartment.
The 18th came just 2 days later, that being Mark and I's 2nd Anniversary. Now do you understand why I said marathon of celebrations? This was a very fun day for us as a family. We could not believe that it had already been 2 years. We have seen so much change since that day back in June of 2010. God has seen us through some very difficult times, but also so many wonderful blessings. Eden was with us the whole day, she of course was and is the best blessing we have received since TEAM WORTH was established! We journeyed to Grand Rapids for the day. Had a nice picnic, went to the John Ball Zoo, drove around Holland MI, went out for ice cream, and watched the musical fountains in Grand Haven. What a looong day! It was also very hot. Eden did fantastic though! We didn't do anything extraordinary,but enjoyed every minute. Simply setting aside a day to be a family was amazing!
The 24th Mark's Aunt Kim, Uncle Tim, and family came over for a grill out and party.  The best moment of the evening is when Mark's cousin's daughter Sasha (two months younger than Eden) sat down and saw Eden, and the two of them spent the next hour or so screaming back and forth to each other (in a good way we think).
The next celebration was for Aunt Heather's half birthday.  It is a Worth tradition to celebrate her birthday on her half birthday since she is born on December 28th, 3 days after Christmas.  Heather requested that we do breakfast one Sunday morning at the Golden Corral!  She was thrilled about eating cotton candy at breakfast, as was Mark!

So it is safe to call June the month of celebration here in the Worth household.  This post did not even mention the three celebrations in late may (Parents anniversary, Ben's new position at work, and Mark's getting certified in MI for CNA).  Katie's parents also have their anniversary in mid May and we were sad to not be able to celebrate with them because of the distance!  In July we are going to have to start making things up to celebrate in order to keep up the festivities.

We appreciate you taking time to read our blog and hope that it gives you a small glimpse into our family!  We miss and love all of our friends who live outside the West Michigan area and hope to reunite with you as soon as the Lord blesses!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are close enough to celebrate with us, and this was really my first summer being around all the time. I love it. We just have to find some random holiday to celebrate in August..I'll get on that!