Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 Goals Update: Crunch Time

As will happen to many people next week, Katie and I looked at our calendar and thought, "Holy crap!  It is nearly Thanksgiving, which means it is nearly Christmas, which means only a month and a half to scrape together some justifiable response for our 2012 goals completion!!"  It is time to throw out another update, especially considering how poorly we are doing on many of our goals.  Perhaps just stating it publicly will help motivate us to complete a few of these in the little time remaining.

So lets jump into it:

(EPC=Estimated Percent Complete)

  1. Read 2 parenting books
    1. Our last goals update was in July.  The only difference from then till now is that we purchased the book "Shepherding a Child's Heart" instead of continually checking it out from the library.  So only two chapters into the first book.  Haven't settled on a second book.
    2. EPC:  5%
  2. Jog a 5k together
    1. We had given up on this goal because it wouldn't have been a good idea with Katie pregnant.  Even though Katie is no longer pregnant, we think it is too late in the year to start to train for a 5k and they probably don't even have one before the new year.  I am calling this one dead!
    2. EPC: 0%
  3. Pray together 5 nights a week
    1. This one has been on and off here or there all year long.  It is nearly impossible to estimate how much of this we have completed.  The idea of this goal was to set the habit of praying together every night before bed.  Sadly, though, this habit still is not ingrained in us.
    2. EPC: Roughly 25%
  4. Take on an active ministry role in a local church
    1. This goal is our one goal which is absolutely fulfilled!  We have been actively helping as youth leaders at Bethel Baptist Church of Fruitport since early Summer.  God has recently blessed even further and we are currently being considered for a one year position as Director of Youth.
    2. EPC: 100%
  5. Post on our family blog at least twice each month
    1. This goal has gone well for the most part.  Technically we failed to update at least twice in two months so far: June and August.  Even though two months only had one blog post, we have blogged more than 24 times this year, and we consider that a sucess.  Katie and I are both very open and social people, so blogging has been a rewarding practice for us.  We appreciate you taking the time to read and keep up with our family.
    2. EPC: 83%

It is easy for us to look at these goals and see mostly failure, but a little perspective reminds us that this is the first year we can even remember our new years resolution in November (not to mention 5 of them).  So, although we won't complete 3 of our 5 goals, we consider this progress, a step forward, and hope for even further development next year.

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