Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 on 10: November

Well we've made it to November,and I am late once again...So here is my 10 on 11 :). The end of October proved to be a very rough time in the Worth household. We had to say goodbye to Noah Matthew, our son that we never really got to know. God has faithfully been walking us through this trial. Yesterday we held a memorial service for Noah. So I captured some moments from before and after. Enjoy these precious pictures from the memorial/celebration of Noah, and the sweet moments I captured of my family!

Vigil candles for the memorial service

Programs for Noah's memorial...I really like seeing his name written out.

A banner in celebration of Noah :)

Many people came to support us, and honor and celebrate Noah.

The candle I lit in honor of Noah Matthew....All  other candles were lit  from  this one.

Mark and I in front of Noah's banner. Mark has been a WONDERFUL support and comfort to me during this heartbreaking time in our lives.

Auntie Heather came over after the service to help babysit. This allowed Mark and I to have a much needed date night! A big thanks to Aunt Casey and Uncle Ben who also helped occupy our little monkey :).

Caught red handed with a cell phone. I just love her face! 

Dinner fit for a 1 yr old princess :)...Mark and I enjoyed dinner out! 

Home from our date! So it's daddy and Eden playtime. Don't worry Eden actually enjoyed this haha. What a little goofball!

I enjoyed capturing these moments! Happy November everyone!

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  1. Katie, I teared up seeing all of the people supporting you this day. That's incredible to see God's people being the tangible comfort and love of Christ. Continuing to pray that God covers you with His grace as you seek healing.