Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10 on 10

Wow it's September already!? This means I must face the realization that Summer is over, and embrace the beautiful Fall weather and all the changes it brings. I must say it is refreshing and gets me excited to wear hoodies again, and drink warm apple cider :). The Fall usually brings back a sense of normalcy to our lives too. Most church programs start up again, which is very exciting, and also what I chose to capture in my photos this month. Our youth group Back 2 School Bash was Friday evening. We all had tons of fun! However, before a new year could begin, there was much cleaning and organizing that needed to be done in the YOUTH INC. room. So Last Wednesday youth group was not scheduled, and all the youth leaders gathered to spruce up and rearrange the youth room. Here are some pics from our fun night together, plus some of my adorable Eden :). She of course has to sneak into my pics!

Eden watching her Veggietales!

Dad starting her early. Look how focused she is!

Youth Group Logo.

By the end of the night all these rectangular tables were 2 floors above us,the foosball table moved to the back game room, the air hockey table was torn down, and all circular tables were moved to the game room :).

Love these words!

What a face Eden Grace! :)...She is leaning against the youth stage.

Taking down, and rearranging the tiles.  This was challenging at times. In the end we only  broke 1 I think :).

It's coming together...

New location for the stage, couches and chairs. The stage used to be up against the blue wall to the left.

You'd better believe we devoured our dinner!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our youth room through my eyes. Now head on over to Arlee's blog to see what she captured this month!

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  1. What a sweet looking youth room! Looks like you all have tons of fun together, and the pizza looked yummy. :)