Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We have officially welcomed Fall into the picture, here in West Michigan. A new season is exciting. Although I would consider myself a Spring/Summer kind of girl, there is still something refreshing about this cool weather. It makes me desire Pumpkin Spice coffee, camp fires, hoodies, and cool walks :).  We have also started a new semester in youth group. Mark leads worship, and will be teaching every other week. You can be praying for him as he spends time preparing messages, and works his job too! We are excited about this new semester in youth group, and being able to influence the teens God brings into our group.

Mark has recently started his new job at Hackley Hospital as a PCA (Personal Care Assistant). This is very similar to his other job as a CNA, but the hospitals call it another name. It has been a desire of Mark's for a while to work in the hospital. It seems like a great place to work,and it is 2 blocks from home! Also, there are great benefits, it's a good work environment, and a little bit of a pay increase. Mark will be working in the rehab unit, on third shift. We are not excited about the shift change, but feel like this new job is a move in the right direction. So you can pray for all of us as we adjust. He has finished his week of orientation filled with meetings, and computer testing. His first day on the rehab floor he shadowed a physical therapist. Since then, he has followed other PCAs on day shift. This will be his schedule for another week and a half. It was definitely a nice surprise for mark to have 2 extra weeks on day shift :). He will then transition to night shift and continue orienting till the end of October. Please pray that he would catch on quickly to his new job. They do some things differently in the rehab unit. Also, pray that Mark would be able to pick up shifts on top of his normal schedule; This is vital to our budget.

So if you missed our announcement a few weeks back, our family is growing yet again! Eden will have a sibling this coming March. We are thrilled for our newest addition. Life will be hectic for sure, but we are thankful for this blessing from the Lord. Mark and I have thoroughly enjoyed parenting Eden thus far, and look forward to growing in this as we take on 2 children :). The Lord will give us His grace for sure!

There ya have it folks! "NEW" is our word for this month! What's yours? 

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