Thursday, August 16, 2012

August:10 on 10

Finally, here is my 10 on 10 (16 :) for August. Sorry ladies for being dreadfully late! Enjoy these pictures from our adventure to the Sleeping Bear Dunes. One of the most beautiful places in America! Although, we didn't get to see EVERYTHING, we still did see some amazing views! You would need a  few days to really capture and experience the beauty of this place. Pictures do not do it justice.  But I will try! Also, I had to settle for almost all horizontal pics, because most of them would not stay rotated once they were uploaded. Sad! :(. Oh well, ENJOY!! 

On the road!

We started our afternoon at the Dune Climb. My college roommate Merissa, joined us. She is here for the week! :)
(At the top of the 1st dune. Our car is down there...somewhere :)

WAY TO GO! We made it to the top of the 2nd Dune!

Surveying beauty on our trek. This may not look like a challenging hike, but I assure you it was. There is Lake Michigan off in the distance.

First stop on the scenic drive...After hours of climbing, it was nice to not have to walk so much to see such a gorgeous view!

The icing on top of the cake. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on this 450 foot Bluff! We even watched 2  people hang gliding off of it.

View from the top. It was just a gorgeous day!

A mammoth of a climb! Mark and I eventually did this together :).  

View from the bottom of the Bluff!

We made it to the bottom (The easy part)! Getting ready for our 450 foot climb back to the top. Yes those little specs are people at the top! It took us about 30 minutes to get back up!

So there you have it! If you haven't already...Check out Arlee's 10 on 10 for August!

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  1. It is so beautiful there! I'm impressed you took your sweet baby along for the hiking - you must have been exhausted! Thanks for sharing. :)