Saturday, October 13, 2012

10 on 10: October

I am late once again with my 10 on 10. I have had a crazy week or so with my darling Eden.  Eden went from an eye infection to not sleeping, to an ear infection coupled with teething. Oh, and throw in a 16 hr car trip. Not that I should make excuses. I definitely struggle with procrastination. Sorry ladies. I tried on 2 different days to fulfill my quota of 10 pictures. I succeeded on 10-12-12…my daughter’s birthday. So here is how I captured it. There was plenty of preparation to be done for her party on Saturday(today), but I also wanted to make sure I enjoyed my day with her. Mark and I even woke up early and reflected back on the day she arrived.
Official Birthday 6:13am :)...Not the best photo, but we were trying to capture the moment. The  room was so dark we needed a flash. Bonus was she didn't even wake up!

Happy Birthday Girl!

Building blocks with Daddy!
Birthday breakfast, pancakes :)

Birthday plates,napkins and more!

A preview of the birthday girl's outfit!

Tissue paper decor.

Daddy and Eden watching Veggietales!

What a priceless look :)


My daughter, the reader! :)

What a fun day we had with our darling Eden! Head on over to Arlee's page to see what she captured this month!

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  1. I love the smiles!! And possibly my favorite is her leaning on Mark's head while watching....can I assume Veggietales?? :)Cute cute cute