Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Word in Pictures: In The Kitchen

I must admit, I'm not the greatest cook, or at least the most creative one. I often stick with ordinary meals around here, and find myself comparing what we eat, to what others eat. We're a busy family so planning out new,complicated, or time consuming meals is a challenge. I do desire to branch out more, and as you'll see in these pictures, I did a little bit. I love the idea of trying new things. I'm adventurous when it comes to food. When I find a new recipe and we love it, I feel such a sense of accomplishment. So here's to hoping I have many more NEW food ventures in the Kitchen. Take a minute to see  how I captured "In the Kitchen" this month!

YUM! Homemade pizza!

First attempt at homemade yogurt bites. They turned out fine, but Eden wasn't such a fan. Bummer.

We love our taco nights around here!

Sometimes...You just have to keep it simple :). ( Don't worry this is not all we had for lunch).

Love having a whiteboard in the kitchen.  I love making lists, although I rarely accomplish everything on them.

This can happen in the  kitchen too :).

Eden thoroughly enjoyed discovering this box.

First go at roasted veggies. AMAZING!

Homemade potato soup. Next time hold the crushed red pepper!

Head on over to Arlee's blog and see what's cookin' in her kitchen!


  1. We love taco night too! And your pizza looks yummy!

  2. Yes, your pizza looks delicious...I'm tempted to make some this week now :) If you have some time, could you send me your recipe for the yogurt bites? They look awesome!