Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New 5

This time last year, Team Worth was living out of boxes, making our goodbye rounds, and feeling a great sense of uncertianty as we faced down a brave new chapter in our lives.  Its strange to think that was only a year ago.  We have settled in to life in west Michigan and have become very busy here.  Now, we are taking on another big step in life: joining the staff at Bethel as the Director of Youth.

Last year, instead of setting vague and undefinable "resolutions", we decided to set 5 measurable goals and track them throughout the year.  We so enjoyed and grew from this practice that we are making it a tradition.  The remainder of this post will be spent revealing our 5 goals of 2013:

  1. Read 4 Books
    1. This goal is shared between Mark and Katie.  Unlike our goal last year, we will be reading separately this year.  We want to have 4 total books read, but that could be two each.  When one person finishes a book they will take time to help the other person understand what they learned and how their perspective was transformed.  In that way, both will gain from the knowledge.  The only other stipulation is that at least one book must be a parenting book and at least one book must be a marital book.
  2. Exercise at least 120 minutes a week
    1. Exercise will be defined as physical activities outside of our normal routine which sustain a raised heart for 20 minutes or more at a time.  Katie and I each have to get our own 120 minutes in.
  3. To have at least 12 paid photo shoots this year for the photography business
    1. This is pretty self explanatory, but if you would like to have Katie do a photo session for any occasion, contact us for more information by e-mailing Kaitlyn.Redeker.Photography@gmail.com, calling 609-519-3451, or leaving us a comment.
  4. To deny ourselves of something each month of the year
    1. Katie and I will each choose something to give up for each month.  We will give a reason each month for what we give up, but we also believe that the discipline of self denial is of profound value.  Self denial helps us to not be mastered by anything and reminds us that we can give up things we consider important when we need to.
    2. January Mark: No tv in the morning after a third shift.  Mark has gotten into the bad habit of casually turning on the tv in the morning thinking it will only be on for about 15 minutes and then he will go to bed.  Unfortunately, 15 minutes usually turns into an hour and a half and that has really hurt his sleep pattern and time with family.
    3. January Katie:  No turning on the computer in the morning until she is productive for at least 45 minutes.  Productivity can be anything purposeful from house chores to caring for Eden.  Katie enjoys jumping online to keep up with friends and family, but it is easy for this to be the first thing she does in the morning and for it to eat up a lot of time.
  5. Do a new family excursion each month
    1. This goal is the wonderful suggestion of Laura Ball.  Thanks Laura for helping us out!  At least one time a month we will, as a family, go out and have some brand new experience together.  These experiences should be big new things together (although not necessarily expensive).
These are our five measurable goals.  We will try to update monthly on how we are doing on each.  We would also like to challenge others to set 5 measurable goals and keep us updated on your progress.  To set good goals, define what you want to get better at, come up with a measurable way to grow in that area and then let us know what it is so we can encourage you along the way!

A happy and intentional new year to all of you!

-Team Worth

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