Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Word in Pictures: Winter

For those of you who have been following my "10 on 10" you may have noticed that there was no post on the 10th this month. We decided to changed things up a bit, and pick a theme for our pictures each month. Our new project is called  a "Word in Pictures". Appropriately this month's theme is "Winter". Enjoy!

Modeling in her sled :).
Shouting to a dog across the street :).

Taking a break on our walk. 

A pretty great drink for the winter time if you ask me :).

Enjoying watching  the neighbor's dog.  Sometimes staying inside during the snow is best.

Indoor play places are awesome in the winter!

Daddy and Eden sledding. This is Eden's 1st official sled ride!

I was totally and completely chilled to the bone. However, Eden looks pretty toasty warm :) .
Natural beauty.

Our front porch swing :).

So there ya have it! It took a while, but West Michigan finally got some great snow!  Hope you enjoyed looking at how I captured "Winter". Head on over to Arlee's blog to see her project for this month!

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