Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Valentines for 3

A Valentine's Day for 3? Yes, that is how we spent ours last month. This being our first Valentine's as a family of 3, we celebrated the love of family! We had talked about dropping Eden at Mark's parent’s house, but due to our lack of a milk supply, Eden stayed with us all day. We actually had a blast with her! Mark was quite the romantic planner. He would not allow me to do anything lol. Valentines morning he had me play a game. This board was creatively planned out in his mind, and brought to life by our good friend Brianna Hunter, the artist :). This "Worth Adventures" board game was made just for us. As I answered questions about or relationship, I was allowed to move forward on the board. Every once in a while I would get to a big blue space,Within this space I would then pick out of what was usually many option, an activity for the day. The intriguing part was that each option was covered up, I had no idea what I was going to pick! The Categories were things like where we were going to lunch, what activity we were to do in the afternoon, what meal Mark would make for dinner, and what we were going to do in the evening...etc. I had a blast playing it, and reliving moments of our relationship.

After the game, Mark made us both Egg sandwiches for a late breakfast. We got ready for the day, bundled up Eden and headed out. Our first stop was lunch at Fazoli’s. Basically it was fast food Italian. But, before you judge to quickly, or think GROSS…I will tell you it was great! I had my doubts, but am very glad I got to try something new. After lunch, Mark allowed me the pleasure of checking out the new Big Lots in town. Very fun! We then headed home for Eden’s lunch, and enjoyed an episode of our favorite show, PARENTHOOD. Then it was time for some afternoon fun!
Earlier that morning, I had uncovered cards that read “Play classic games from our relationship and “Take a walk at the beach” as two afternoon activities. However, we first needed to send out Eden’s Valentine’s package to her cousins Shane and Kyle. Then we headed to the beach. Boy was it cold! A fun memory nonetheless!  I was unaware that this was going to be a rigorous activity haha. It was worth it though. We climbed up 166 steps to the top of a sand dune. What a gorgeous view! We took a few pictures, and probably only stayed up there for 5 min.or less! No worries, Eden was bundled up for sure!

After that adventure, we headed over to Meijer to pick up ingredients for dinner. I had selected Sweet and Sour Chicken during our board game. Mark was pretty nervous about that choice. Although he had written it down as a possible option, he had never made it before. I am super proud of Mark. He cooked the whole meal by himself, and did an excellent job. I was actually quite jealous J.  It tasted AMAZING!
We spent the rest of our evening relaxing, enjoying a movie, warm cookies ,and ice cream. So although we didn’t get to every activity I had chosen from our game, we still had a wonderful day. It was such a special day for us as a family. Sure if you step back and think, we didn’t do anything crazy or earth shattering. But we were together! We planned out our day, and enjoyed every minute! So we encourage you families out there, just take time to enjoy one another. Celebrate the love of your family, it doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Love the pictures!! What a beautiful family of three you all make. Congrats on a well spent day. I especially love the wonderful food you got to enjoy!