Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Goals Update for March

By failing to post this on my usual date (the 1st of each month), I have inadvertently explained how our 2012 goals progressed in February: falling behind.  We could try to blame it on the life transition of moving to MI, but truthfully we had more free time this month than any since we married.  This month was just another reminder that the more free time we have the less we seem to actually do.

I will list the goal, give a quick synopsis of how it progressed (or didn't) in February, and then give an Estimated Percent Completed (EPC) for the goal:

  1. Read two parenting books this year
    1. We still have only selected one of the two parenting books: "Shepherding a Child's Heart".  We attempted to get it from the library and failed, so that is the extent of progress for this goal.
    2. EPC: 1%
  2. Jog a 5 k together
    1. I will attempt to pass off walking Eden as slight progress towards getting up to a 5k.  Though we have yet to jog one step together, we do walk for about thirty minutes a day to get our daughter some fresh air, and I figure thirty minutes of jogging should bag us this goal.  Still this needs to drastically improve in order for us to have a shot at doing this.
    2. EPC: 2%
  3. Pray together 5 nights a week before bed and chart it on a calendar
    1. We still did not buy that calendar to chart this goal.  Frankly we have been bad about this goal and we have felt the affect in our relationship.  Not spending as much time in prayer together nightly has made a noticeable difference in our unity; so we really are aiming to get this goal back on track this month!
    2. EPC: 8.34%
  4. Take on an active ministry role in a church in MI
    1. We still have not fully settled in to a church as of yet.  We have mostly been attending Bethel Baptist in Fruitport (Mark's home church), but we do want to visit a few more and continue to bathe this decision in prayer before we really commit and settle in.  I did speak at Bethel's youth winter retreat which was a fantastic experience.  Also, Katie and I have each expressed a heart desire to get active in a local church so I consider that some progress as well.
    2. EPC: 15%
  5. Update this blog 2 times a month
    1. Here lies the only goal which stayed on track last month.  In fact, it actually doubled the required amount of posts.  Now that we live far from many we love, we really enjoy being to update this blog to give everyone a chance to keep up with our journey.  This post will make our second in March, and therefore we met the requirement for this month as well.
    2. EPC: 25%
This concludes our update of our measurable goals for 2012.  We appreciate any encouragement or advice as we strive towards these 5 goals.  Please leave a comment and let us know how your 2012 goals or resolutions are going!

In the love of Christ,

Team Worth

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  1. As chief commenter,ofcoarse I have something to say. ANd that is...I bet the progress on one particular goal (running) will be increased for April. Also, since running is my only goal, I would say I am 30%, because I have done it a couple times. Okay, now for some homework completion.