Saturday, February 11, 2012

God Worked in Our Lives

We did not happen to walk on Lake Michigan, and we have not yet been able to feed the hungry in West Michigan with the little food God has given us.  The IRS has not fled before our face, and Eden did not pick up her play mat and walk... but God did work in our lives this week.

All went well with the move to Michigan: we got packed up, I was able to work up until the day of the move, I didn’t fall asleep at the wheel on my overnight drive, and Katie successfully chaperoned Eden on her first flights.  But one thing was missing, a job to provide for our needs here in Michigan.  I began to get discouraged when every place called would not hire me with my exemption from training (which legally allows me to work for 4 months before I get my full certification).  

After a week I had one place, only one place, that would even take my application: Lake Woods Nursing Home.  So on Monday I picked up an application, returned it Tuesday, interviewed on Wednesday, and accepted the job 4 hours after my interview!  And so, God worked in a great way to answer our prayers this week.