Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Goals Update

With the start of 2012 Katie and I set 5 measurable goals in place of a resolution. We figured having a measurable goal may give us some hope of following through with them as opposed to the typical ambiguous resolution (ie be a happier person, or be healthier) which is forgotten inside of two months.

In honor of making our goals measurable, we decided to post an update of where we stand on our 5 goals on the first of each month, and in doing so we will ironically get half way to our goal of posting on this blog at least twice a month.

So here is a quick update on how we are doing with our goals:
  1. We have identified 1 of the two parenting books we would like to read: “Shepherding a Child’s Heart”. I suppose that is a start. Maybe by next month we will have purchased the book.
    1. Estimated percent of goal completed: 1%
  2. Although it is the dead of winter and jogging is harder than any other time of the year, we have yet to exercise at all together this year. So the goal of finishing a 5k together without walking is yet to be started.
    1. Estimated percent of goal completed: 0%
  3. We intended to get a calendar to track our nightly prayer times on... and we still intend to do that. Still, in spite of not tracking the prayers, done pretty well with this goal. It has been a huge blessing spending most nights in prayer with my wife.
    1. Estimated percent of goal completed: 8.34%
  4. We have been in Michigan for less than a week now, there is very little work we could have done towards taking on an active ministry role in a church in Michigan yet. We have, however, been praying for that oppertunity and we know it is the will of the Lord that we be involved. I would consider that a fine start. Plus, Mark is the guest speaker at Bethel’s winter youth retreat.
    1. Estimated percent of goal completed: 5%
  5. As for updating the blog twice a month, this is our third post of 2012, so we are right on track. Katie and I are really enjoying the blog as we now call three states home and our hearts long to stay connected in all of them. I anticipate exceeding this goal by the time the year is over.
    1. Estimated percent of goal completed: 12.5%

And so concludes our first 2012 goals update! You can anticipate a blog post in the near future chronicling Katie’s decorating project for the upstairs of our new living area, a recap of our trip out to MI, plus an update on Mark’s job hunt!

PS. Leave us a comment and let us know how you are doing with your 2012 goals/resolutions!

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  1. Writing a letter every month to Clever...50% accomplished. I wrote it, but I haven't mailed it. Also a secondary one is to also do a 5k with Heather....0% so far.