Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer in the "grown up" world :)

Well Summer is in full swing...finally! I am personally very thankful for the sunshine and the air conditioner :). We have had a few incredibly HOT days, but other than that, a mild Summer for North East PA which I am thankful for.
 Recently we celebrated our 1st Anniversary (June 18th)! Mark planned a very nice weekend trip for us both. It was a complete surprise! It wasn't until that day that we realized how much we needed to get away! God blessed us with a fun filled trip to NYC, and a nice stay at a hotel in NJ. It was great to just ENJOY time together, reflecting back on our wedding day, and all that had gone on in our first year! God is so good!

Right after our Anniversary weekend we jumped into a crazy week at VBS. Mark and I taught the 3rd and 4th graders! It was a great week, and I found deep joy  in serving with Mark. I look forward to more opportunities the Lord brings our way to serve Him.
This passed weekend we spent the 4th of July in NJ with my family. I was surprised with my very first baby shower! How incredible! Many hours went into planning it, and I felt very loved! My family and friends did a wonderful job, and really blessed Mark and I with a tremendous amount of baby items. Now the question remains...where am I going to put them all?
Mark started out on a new adventure in May....Seminary! I am glad to report he is DONE with one of his classes, and received an "A"...I am so proud of him! He has just a few weeks left of his 2nd class...then we'll be "Seminary Free" for the month of August. However...there will still be plenty of things to keep us busy!

We have three weddings to attend/ and or be a part of during the remainder of our Summer.We are looking forward to them for sure, but they will involve plenty of traveling! (The one trip to MI will be taken during my 32 week of pregnancy...stay tuned for that adventure lol). FYI...MI friends and family...we'll be out there the 18-21st of August...and yes we want to see you!
So although our Summer has been less than relaxing in some ways, I still am thankful for the change of pace, and the nice weather. However, Summers in the "grown up" world definitely don't seem to have the same uniqueness or excitement that childhood, High School or even some College Summers once did. Don't get me wrong. I still love them! It's just now life consists of more adult responsibilities...surprise surprise :). Which in many ways I don't mind. but there is something special, welcoming, and gleeful about Summers with no stress, no work schedule, no homework. (Although, I still enjoy the last benefit), life is just different! For example, currently I need a job, and I need one fast. I can't afford to sit around and soak in every moment of sunshine. Although I have been in this boat before, it is different now being married. Not only married but expecting a child, needing to pay the bills, fix the car, help put food on our table etc. Mark and I absolutely trust that God has a plan...but waiting to see His plan is still hard! (Please keep us in your prayers :)
So as Summer speeds on...we can't HELP but think of our amazing gift that is waiting for us in October! Each week is flying by! I am currently 25 weeks pregnant! It's unreal! I also have a guestroom currently filled with tons of baby items. It doesn't seem like it could be possible, and yet it really is! Baby Worth will be here in 3 months time! With the 3rd trimester right around the corner, Mark is also beginning to feel the urgency of parenthood. The nursery needs to be put together and organized. Baby items need to be sorted and stored in there rightful place. The apartment needs a "white glove" kind of clean before baby comes, (When will we find the time to clean like that after s/he arrives!? )
However, we are also trying to enjoy these last few months without our little one! God is so good, and we are excited... but nervous to be parents! ( Well I can only speak for myself when it comes to the nervousness part :). Parenthood will be amazing, but it is a bitter sweet feeling ending this first stage, if you will, of marriage. No longer just two of us...but three! With this new endeavor Team Worth looks forward to many more adventures!!
We hope you are all having a blessed Summer! Let us know how we can be praying for YOU!

Much Love,

Mark & Katie

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