Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Feb 5 for '14

With 8.3% of the year already complete, Team Worth already can use a refocusing on our goals.  Here's a short update of how they are going so far:

EPC = Estimated Percent Complete
  • Deny ourselves one thing each month
    • Mark gave up secular music and Katie gave up chocolate in January.  We did surprisingly well.  Mark actually didn't put on any secular music this month, and Katie (who had the steeper mountain to climb) only accidentally ate chocolate twice all month!  We are chalking this month up as a success!
    • This month, we both are denying ourselves pop.  
    • EPC = 8.3%
  • Blog twice a month
    • This is pretty straight forward:  Since you are on our blog right now reading this, just look at the left hand side of the screen and see where it says we have 4 blog posts in January of 2014.
    • EPC = 8.3%
  • Lose 15 and 10 Lbs
    • Katie is well on her way towards losing the 10 lbs, Mark on the other hand has yet to even weigh himself once...  He hasn't started exercising yet either, so even if he weighed in there isn't much optimism.
    • EPC = 8%
  • Timely
    • Our word for the year is dependable, and being on time is a huge part of that.  We aimed to be on time to everything but one thing each week.  We have been bad about keeping an exact tally when we are late, but we believe we are averaging around 2 to 3 times late a week January.  It is a big improvement over being late to virtually everything, so we are encouraged!
    • EPC = 8.3%
  • Devotion
    • We aim to spend at least 120 minutes a week (each) getting to know God's word better.  Again this is a goal we haven't been precisely measuring our times, but we have done well.  Katie is in a discipleship group which gets her into the word often and Mark has been studying Acts and Galatians for Youth Group.
    • EPC = 8.3%

Since it was only the first month, we won't celebrate as if we have accomplished something great... but the goals are going fairly well so far.

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