Sunday, June 30, 2013

A word in pictures: Outside

I am very behind this month...But here it goes! The weather in west Michigan finally feels like Summer (at least some days). We have had plenty of opportunities to be outside. Woohoo!  We have been to the beach, the pool, the splash park, many playgrounds and more!...Unfortunately I haven't gotten pictures of Eden at the beach or pool recently. Rest assured...she loves them both!...Her own little pool though, she could really care less about (despite the picture below). She is an adventurer! The waves at the lake delight her, and floating around in Nana and Papa's pool is pretty exciting too. Summers do look different when you are following around a toddler. Children are a constant reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things! :)...So enjoy my month of June...Oh, and did I mention we celebrated 4 family birthdays this our Anniversary! It's been a full month folks! :)

Eden and her pool that she doesn't really like to be honest :)...Hopefully that will change as the Summer goes on.

Eden loving her first wagon ride!

The splash park she didn't want to go near...This was taken about 15 minutes after arrival :). As long as daddy was with her, she was pretty happy!

Ah! I just love them...My goodness! Super blessed :).

We really enjoyed our anniversary getaway to Ludington. The state park was beautiful! 
We did indeed climb Big Sable Lighthouse! It's 100 feet off the ground. Let's just say we both had to deal with our fear of heights :). 100 feet doesn't seem so bad...but man that small railing is all that's up there...I was like a fly stuck to the wall.

RELAY FOR LIFE...We had a great experience. Our team raised over $6,000! Way to go McCann Cancer Cancel Clan!
Best walking partner!
After the relay, the young ones enjoyed time playin' with the water table, slip and slide, and of course these fun cars :).

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  1. I just love your perspective in your pictures. What great angles. And the pic of your husband and daughter at the splash park made my heart melt. Thanks for sharing. :)