Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Word in Pictures: Messy

So this last day of February came quickly, that's for sure. My photographer friends and I agreed upon the theme of "messy" for this month of pictures. All of us have children, so messes are not hard to come by, at least in my house anyway :). But I would be lying if I said all the mess revolves around my daughter haha. Truth  be told, I am not a very neat person. I desire for my home to be clean and organized, but drastically fail with the follow through. There are often mountains of laundry around my house, and piles of dishes by the sink. What I need is a system for cleaning, but I severely lack in motivation and often procrastinate my house responsibilities. So that being said, it's hard to share some of my "messy" pictures. But this is real life, for better or for worse :)....Psst. If you have a cleaning strategy that works well for you, share it with me! :)

2 days in a row Eden found her box of wipes, and decided they were better off on the floor.

I would love to have a maid. Even if all she did was my laundry!!

Oh dishes! You never seem to go away...

Proof of a fun morning bath.

Wooden Blocks, legos...and more! Yes, we have a Toddler :).

Head on over to Arlee's blog to see how she captured "Messy" :).... 


  1. All too familiar :)

  2. I could have written your intro paragraph ver batim :-)

  3. Dishes don't go away. Ever. :)